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Data Entry:

We maintain high standards when it comes to data entry. We make sure that the data entered into your file is accurate and error free. The result is precise information about your company’s activities so you can make smart business decisions for the future. We guarantee that your data is secured and kept confidential at all times—no other party will have access to your data or files.

Accounts Receivable:

We maintain your accounts receivable—no need for an extra employee doing this task in your office. Our accounts receivable service includes taking phone calls from clients, following up with clients (including reaching out to multiple clients via VoIP), collecting payments and payment data, and keeping clients’ history up-to-date. We make sure to collect all payments between 60 and 90 days, and minimize bad debts.

Accounts Payable:

Our system can handle your company’s accounts payable. All you need to do is to send us the bills. Once we have determined that the bill is authorised, we’ll prepare payment as specified right away. Payments are made through the payment method of your choice, such as direct debit or cheques. All bills will also be reflected in your cash flow report.

Goods and Services tax/Harmonized sales tax:

It is important to record, track and submit GST/HST to the Canada Revenue Agency on time. Our responsibility is to ensure your books are accurate and result in correct GST/HST calculations. With Accounting One, your books are kept up to date so that you have a clear understanding of GST/HST liability and so we can process your return in a timely manner.

Provincial sales tax:

Your company is liable for British Columbia Provincial Sales Tax, or PST, when a taxable service or good is sold to a customer for personal or business use. We at Accounting One will ensure that your books are in order and make sure that you know how much you owe and when to self-assess. If you are liable for PST, we will complete and file the return on your behalf.


Your company’s biggest asset is your workforce, and we can help you take care of it with timely payroll services. We make sure that your company complies with the current legislation and avoids costly mistakes that lead to disgruntled employees, or fines from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Our payroll services include:

When you employ our payroll services, we will make sure that you meet all the requirements of the CRA, and your employees are paid accurately and in a timely manner.