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Find the perfect fit for your financial needs with our tailored service packages. From basic bookkeeping to full financial oversight, choose the level of support that suits your business best. Explore our options and start optimizing your finances today.

Accounting Packages

Accounting Package

Accounting One offers a wide range of bookkeeping services. Our professionals can prepare all necessary reports and file them for you on time. Proper bookkeeping, prepared according to your deadlines, is our passion.

Review and evaluate accounting policy( including payroll) making
changes with the approval of CEO to guaranty that the company is using
the best practices ;
– A team of professional accountant/bookkeepers will work on the file:
a. Data entry clerk:
– Making sure that the data is entered accurately, timely and correct –
information is added to the account;
– Any unknown or unclassified transactions will be dealt right away;
b. Account payable Clerk:
– With semi monthly pay run, the cheques are paid accordingly to the cash
management and the AP schedule;
– Every bill is approved the managers before entered for Payable;
– Accounts payable will strictly correspond with Cash Flow report to make
sure that the company has enough money to pay;
c. Account Receivable Clerk:
– Account Receivable Clerk will collect the payments on behalf of your
company via phone, email, text message (IP phone);
– Deposits will be reconciled Daily to insure no transactions missed;
d. Payroll management:
– Making sure that all the employee gets paid properly and accordingly with
the law;
– By weekly of Semimonthly payroll;
– Approval of payroll with the management;
– Process payroll within the payroll time frame;
e. senior accountant;
– Bank reconciliation;
– Customized report, such as Balance Sheet, Income statement, cash flow;
– Any customized reports;
– Assisting with the audit;
– Participating in financial meetings;

Accounting Package

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