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About Us: Your Financial Experts

Accounting One, located in Vancouver, is dedicated to empowering your business. Our mission is simple: drive your success. Through precise and efficient bookkeeping and accounting, we aim to fuel your business's growth, boost revenue, and simplify stakeholder relations.

About Us
Our Team

Accounting One, founded in 2015 by a visionary accountant, was established with the aim of creating positive change, assist in expansion of small business and contribute to the overall growth and stability of the economy . Our hallmark is the delivery of superior services that not only save our clients money but also support their growth and success.

Beyond exceptional bookkeeping and accounting, we provide comprehensive tax and auditing services to ensure seamless financial management, especially during tax season.

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Our Mission: Driving Your Success

At the heart of our firm is a commitment to your business’s prosperity. Leveraging our extensive accounting expertise and experience, we aim to provide unparalleled service and advice consistently.

Our dedication is to your success, ensuring that every decision we guide you through is informed, strategic, and tailored to your unique needs.

Empower Your Business

Utilize our vast accounting knowledge to enhance your company's growth and stability.

Tailored Solutions

Deliver personalized services and advice that meet your specific business needs.

Constant Support

Provide consistent, high-quality support to ensure your business operations run smoothly.

Strategic Guidance

Offer strategic insights to help navigate financial complexities and maximize profitability.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure your business meets all financial regulations and standards, avoiding potential legal issues.

Smarter Decisions

Empower you with accurate financial information for informed, effective business decisions.

Meet Our Team: The Backbone of Success

Get to know the dedicated professionals behind Accounting One. Our team’s expertise and commitment are the foundation of our high-quality services.

From seasoned accountants to skilled bookkeepers, each member plays a vital role in ensuring our clients’ financial success and growth. Discover the people who make it all possible.

Senior Accountant
Olesia Kloster

Senior Accountant

Throughout  her entire life, Olesia Kloster has dedicated herself to accounting, passionately challenging all of difficult aspects of accounting. With conviction and evidence, she asserts that when accounting tools are wielded effectively, they can propel businesses to remarkable success—a mission that defines her life's purpose, driven by her desire to witness her clients thrive.
Senior Accountant
Lilia Lavrenuk

Senior Accountant

Senior Bookkeeper
Zhanneta Kim

Senior Bookkeeper

Being able to help businesses grow and make the right decisions, evaluating the past, is the reason why I love accounting. Accounting language tells us a history of the business - how it started, where it is right now, its achievements and what the future might hold for it. I am passionate about helping our clients make sense  out of all numbers and understand the accounting language better.
Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant

What brings me joy in my work is being able to provide helpful and accurate information to my clients. My purpose is to assist and support individuals with their queries and provide them with relevant information.
In terms of my role, I am dedicated to assisting businesses by providing support and helpful information to simplify thiirs decision making process.


I derive satisfaction from my position as a bookkeeper because it enables me to obtain a comprehensive understanding of business operations, analyze them, and provide solutions to challengesIn both my personal and professional life, I prioritize promoting efficiency and clarity, aiming to foster harmony and mutual understanding in all aspects of life.


Accounting is a structured and intellectually challenging sphere. Accounting for me is a great opportunity to help our clients in order and structuring of their financial information and, as a consequence, in achieving their business goals. It is also an opportunity to put into practice my analytical, logical and mathematical abilities and to expand my knowledge of international accounting.


I am purposeful, stress-resistant, communicative, responsible, reliable, and quick to learn! I have a sense of humor.
I have a strong desire to develop in my profession. I can work well in a team. Simply a kind, honest, and decent person


Accounting is an important profession that helps others navigate finances, save money, and gain great satisfaction from knowing you're good at what you do. I chose accounting as a career because it allows me to combine my passion for helping people with my analytical skills. I believe that by providing accurate financial information and insights, I can help the team make informed decisions that will ultimately help them achieve our goals.


I pursued accounting due to my inclination towards organizing and analyzing financial information, aiming for precision and adherence to regulations. Finding joy in resolving financial complexities and aiding clients in informed decision-making brings me fulfillment in my profession. My life's principle revolves around promoting clarity and structure, whether in financial affairs or interpersonal connections, striving to cultivate harmony and comprehension in all situations.


I think helping people solve their problems and achieve their business goals is a pretty rewarding way to spend time, which is why I'm a bookkeeper
Senior Bookkeeper

Senior Bookkeeper

I didn't choose accounting, it chose me. I have always loved helping people and numbers. I found myself in the right place next to the right people who saw my potential and helped my talents to unfold. So now I do what I like. An accountant is a person who will help you feel confident in your business.


I chose accounting because I loved mathematics and solving logic problems since school. What pleases me about this work is that it is diverse and every time you have to learn to keep up with the times. My life value is to bring all my endeavors to completion, both in my personal life and at work.

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