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The main service of Accounting One is bookkeeping. We are proud of the quality of work we provide. Our bookkeeping can be classified as forensic bookkeeping. We are confident in the clarity of financial statements, as it is audit proof. If your company is selected for an audit, we guarantee that any auditor will be pleased and impressed with your financial system.

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Please check out our free tutorials, which will help you to understand the basic rules of bookkeeping, just enough to run your business and do your in-house bookkeeping. It will help you to grow your business, as you will know of your business future, and you will know how to avoid difficulties.  If you run into a problem, please contact us.

Online Services

 We have incredible service, where you can check your data file and see any updates immediately. We can set up a remote desktop for you, and you can check your financial statements, make corrections, and even make entries. We will carefully supervise your entries, and if you make a mistake, we will go through it with you. 

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Price list

Our main packages represent four types of business: start-up, small size, medium size, and extreme management. Each package can be modified, according to your wishes and needs.



Accounting One offers a wide range of bookkeeping services, provided by our professionals. We can prepare all necessary reports and file them for you on time. Proper bookkeeping, prepared according to your deadline is our passion.

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Build your successful financial future is one of our goals. Accounting One can do that using such accounting tools as budgeting, financial planning, analyzing and forecasting your business based on your industry and your goals.

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Taxes and Audit

We also offer Corporate/ Personal tax return and Audit. To meet your financial needs, we can properly prepare and analyze your company’s annual activity, plan your personal taxes for next year, and in case of any problems, we will assist you with an audit.

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  • Set up your company
  • Plan your business success
  • Accurate bookkeeping and accounting
  • Taxes at your year end

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