• Data entries: Invoices, bills, receipts, bank reconciliation (all necessary work to prepare before any reports)
  • Office Supplies for Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Accounts Payable, reconciliation of suppliers statements, payments Ac
  • Accounts Receivable, reconciliation of customers accounts, deposits
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet Reports
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • GST/HST Report
  • WCB Report
  • PD7A Report
  • Record of Employment (ROE)

  • T4, T4A, T5, T5018, NR4, NR6
  • Information Preparation / Slips Additions
  • Preparation of Working Documents for CRA and Audit Assistance

Personal Audit
CRA can select anyone for audit. They can pick your file randomly, so do not be afraid. But if you unknowingly made a mistake and submit something incorrectly or you think you missed some important information, let us handle it. We can discuss it with you and with CRA. Everyone makes mistakes. We can help you to get through this tough time and make sure your problems with CRA are over. All tax returns are submitted electronically. We will have a confirmation code for you to check. Also, with your permission, we can supervise your CAR account if you sign the Represent a client form.
  • Opening / Setting Up a New Company
  • Closing Company
  • Data Base Server Use by Client