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Accounting One is a consulting and bookkeeping company in Vancouver, Canada. We cater to the management and accounting needs of small and medium size companies.

The hallmark of the services provided by Accounting One is its quality. We believe in going beyond our usual duties to help our clients by providing them useful and timely advice regarding matters related to their business. To enable us to do this, we only hire professional accountants with an experience of at least 5 years, and CPA students. Their vast experience ensures that the services we provide are best in class and completely free of errors. We provide advice related to bookkeeping, budgeting, audit, tax planning, corporate and personal tax returns apart from general accountancy services. Our team is familiar with all popular accounting systems.

Our History

Accounting One was set up by a group of independent accountants in 2015 who were driven by the urge to help companies with their accounting expertise. They also wanted to help others to learn the nuances of the business by creating video tutorials that can be accessed by anyone for free.

Our dream came true. We have published our first few online tutorials.  Originally we created our tutorials only for our clients, but we soon realized that a lot of people might have the same problems and similar questions as our clients. Our goal is to help business owners and sole proprietors as much as we can.  Even if your company is not a client of AccountingOne, we still would like to see your business succeed. 

Useful info

We can help you set up a bookkeeping system and establish accounting policies for your company; We can help with business planning and budgeting to project your company’s future; We can train you and your staff about basic accounting rules, record keeping, and how transactions should be recorded properly;

We also can help you in difficult situations:

-          If you had to let your bookkeeper/ accountant go, we can help to organize and clean your books

-          We can temporary step in to help your business catch up should you be behind with your financial information;

-          We can walk you through the steps of a general audit by CRA or any other government or provincial institutions if your company happens to be selected Thus, you can leave all your accounting worries to us.

We provide the following services:


  • Relationship

    This is the most important thing for us. We are thankful to you for having chosen us, and we will ensure that you will be always proud of the choice you made.

  • Professionalism

    All services are provided by highly educated and experienced professionals who work under our strict guidelines of ethics and quality.

  • Honesty and integrity

    We ensure that you do everything properly within General Accepted Accounting Standards. We manage client portfolios and provide non-biased financial advice.

our mission

We strive to make our clients businesses successful by applying our vast accounting knowledge and experience to ensure that they get the best services and advice at all times.

following criteria:


“As a new client, I can't help but be delighted with Olesia. Quick, efficient, personable and available. I consider it my good fortune that I found her. She has surpassed all of my expectations and is very results-oriented. All the best! ”

Royal Limousine Services, Vancouver

“Accounting One has been working with us for the past 3 years, and we are very satisfied with the professionalism, helpfulness, and dedication we get from each and every one of their team members. I Would highly recommended them to any small business that needs support in the accounting and bookkeeping aspect of the business. ”

Joe's Equipment and Gardening Supplies, Langley.