tax and audit Service

Personal taxes
We offer personal tax service for Canadian residents. Even though taxes look very complicated, our professional staff will explain which number came from where and why. We want to make sure you understand what we are doing. We try to collect as much information as we can to possibly give you a tax refund; however, it’s not guaranteed. We deeply respect Canadian tax law, and we work only within the rules of tax law.
Personal tax planning
We can plan taxes for you or your family. We can help you to modify your tax payable if you invest your money into RRSP. For this specific service, we should meet before February 28 to make sure you have enough time to make an important investment and save in taxes.
Online Service
We also can offer online service if you are too busy to come to the office. We will send you a list of documents required, which you can upload to our server. Then, we can do an online meeting via Skype to show you what we came up with. We send no documents via email, as it insecure; however, we will upload everything to a safe server and provide you access to it.
Personal Audit
CRA can select anyone for audit. They can pick your file at random, but do not be afraid. If you unknowingly made a mistake and submit something incorrectly or you think you missed some important information, let us handle it. We can discuss it with you and with CRA. Everyone makes mistakes. We can help you to get through this tough time and make sure your problems with CRA are over. All tax returns are submitted electronically. We will have a confirmation code for you to check. Also, with your permission, we can supervise your CAR account if you sign the Represent a client form.
Corporate taxes
We prefer to do taxes for corporations that do bookkeeping with us, as bookkeeping as a huge part of the big picture of financial health of your company. We cannot see transaction by transaction what happened with your company during the year if we did not do your bookkeeping. However, we still can provide you with a corporate tax return. Before doing taxes we have a meeting with the business owner to make sure he understands his company’s situation. We go through each account to show everything to shareholders to make sure he understands everything. If any information is missing, we would like to catch it immediately. Specifically, we try to discuss liability accounts, Due to shareholders, Tax, GST, PST Payable, and Dividends. After your corporate tax return, you will have a clear view which tax you should pay, how you should pay your taxes, and what was the source of your taxes.
Sometimes, CRA can select your company randomly for an audit. Even if you accidentally did something wrong with your books, we will help you handle it. We should meet prior to audit to see what is going on with your company and if there are any reasons to worry. If we did not do your bookkeeping and if there is a reason to be worry, we would have to explain to the CRA auditor you have made a mistake. We will try to eliminate any penalties and fines; however, we deeply respect Canadian tax law, and we work only within the rules of law.

If you do your bookkeeping with AccountingOne, you should not worry about an audit.

All of our professionals have over 5 years of experience in the field. We also have an external CPA accountant, who can sign your corporate tax report in case you need specific reporting for the bank or multiple shareholders.