Accounting Service

External Accounting
What does it mean to have external accounting for your company? You know your company is doing well, but you are not sure your accountant or bookkeeper is doing correct work. It might be lack of knowledge or lack of experience. You might consider hiring someone with a lot of experience, who can supervise, modify, and correct the job of your accounting team. We will give non-biased suggestions about your company activity and help you with decision making.
Cash Flow
Cash Flow is one of the most important statements in accounting; however, often, it is left behind due to complexity of cash flow. We can help you to see how much cash you have at the end of the day by preparing a simplified cash flow statement. We also can give you a future cash flow statement, which shows how much money you will have in a week, in a month, or in a year if your company will continue to grow the same way it has been.
Analyzing and forecasting
Analyzing your company activity is very important. If you do not have any analytics, you have no idea where your company is going and if is profitable. For example, you know that you might have a lot of cash, but you have a lot of bills to pay, which you cannot ignore. We can help you to modify your possible decisions, while making sure you are always on the right track.
Based on your past experience, we can prepare a budget which will show what kind of goods or services are selling better than others. Based on that, we can create a budget of the amount of money your company should spend on one or another source of your income. We will also monitor if something went off budget. We will talk to an authorized person and find out a reason and make the right corrections.
Cost Accounting
Do you know how much money you spend on one product or service after you paid labour and cost of goods sold? We can precisely calculate the money you spend on each item you sell, and based on that, we can form a statement, which will help you to see what sells better and which service or goods are too expensive to produce.